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Disclaimer: If you're one of those ladies that like to take a break from her preen time on a camping trip, then this guide will probably make your eyes roll.

Whenever you hear the word “camping” it’s a common thought process to think dirt, dust and roughing it. It’s mere impossible to think; polished, styled and clean because obviously your camping outfit comes out from the back of the closet, or God-forbid, the technical section of a camping shop. Why on earth would you want to look good when sleeping on the ground? Why not just be the ground.

No. We’re not festival teenagers that wake up with a beer bottles as pillows, or forgo showers to achieve the grunge look. We’re campers and Overlanders; tent in tow, mattress on the ground, and we look good doing it.

I often get asked how I manage to look so styled and “clean” (again with the assumption that campers aren’t clean.. there are ablutions in most campsites that can contend with hotel bathrooms) and the reality is, because I pack well. I plan, I preen and I prep, so when the trip arrives, my routine is just as it is at home, but in micro form.


On longer trips (like the 3 week Namibian overland we’ve just done), I always get a facial beforehand. It’s my face reset and deep cleanse, especially if the terrain you’re venturing into has harsh weather. You don’t want to be arriving and then just layering a new atmosphere on top of the old one.


Tint and tint some more. I had two lash tints beforehand to deepen the colour on my fair lashes. This allows me to wear no mascara but still makes sure my face is “on”. Mixing this with a lash lift is also recommended as it opens your eyes and really adds that extra glam factor. Tinting brows too, just frames your face and what’s a face without a good frame?

(Watching ladies draw on their eyebrows in the ablutions everyday looked rather tedious, so I thanked my prep Gods for tinting and shaping beforehand. )


Mani and pedi; Babes, this is non-negotiable.

No one, and I mean NO ONE wants to see your dirty paws and claws. I opt for slightly darker Gellish on both toes and hands and start with shorter nails, so by the time I’m home, they’re still manageable and havn’t broken. It’s no lie that camping is a hands on job, I find that the gel helps keep my nails intact and disguises the grubbiness that is inevitable.


I’m definitely reliant on my blowdryer, but whilst camping? That’s even to extra for me. It would be like taking a microwave. (Yes, people do that.)

I am lucky enough to have really straight hair, so leaving it to dry au naturelle is no biggie, however hair styles are a thing, and add that extra (extra) look to my wardrobe.

The morning we leave on any trips I get my hair curled. And with the help of Dry Shampoo I can have a tousled look for at least 4 days of the trip. Beach waves? Erryday.

As the curls fall out, I’ll start mixing up the half-up-half-down look, plait to the side, and eventually a messy bun.

Then after washing my hair, I’ll do some French plaits, leaving in overnight and repeat the beach babe look for another 3 days. It’s a look**. I promise. **Cover pic for reference

**A really good dry shampoo and salt spray will change your life, and if you’re like me and love to play hair, make sure you always travel with them.


Just like you have a morning and night routine, shouldn’t mean that this goes out the window when you’re camping. So many products these days come with mini versions of themselves so it’s no excuse.

I have a motto: “Do not leave the house without your face on.” And that also means, making sure you take off the face from the night before.

It’s so easy to go from the campfire to the tent and “deal with it in the morning” but darl, would you do that in your home? (I hope not.)

Girl, wash your face. Brush your teeth, and wake up feeling fresh.


The 3 B's for makeup success.

I use a BB cream with factor 50 SPF, it’s super light, great coverage and super protective. It’s got a lovely fresh colour and lasts forever. No need for layering foundation, popping on powder etc. All you need is a coverage and SPF protection.

As for Bronzer; Define and Contour! Add that depth of colour to your cheeks, and you’re Insta ready!

And lastly, lippy. Lip colours change lives (and looks). I have a few balms with tints in them, and when I’m needing a little bit more pep I use it as eye shadow too.


As camping is generally an autumn/winter excursion for most people, up here in the Highveld things get dry AF. But dually so we also are also blessed with hot days and sunburn. Doubling my sunblock as moisturiser combats the scaly skin and protects it at the same time.

Simple as.

So there you have it, a seemingly simple guide to keep up with a beauty routine whilst

'roughing' it.

If you have any questions, or tips I don’t know about… please, slide into my DMs and let’s chat!


(and Safari Hacks.)

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