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meet the Curator.

I'm Jemma. A creative that loves, like LOVES, anything to do with the safari culture. So here it all is! 

Having spent the last 10 years pouring my heart into my creative journey, it's finally time to put all those learnings into one brand. 

From Stylist to Fashion Editor to Social Media Strategist, Textile Designer and Interior Coach, I'm now giving into my calling to all of the above, right here.

What's this site about?

Mainly it's a place to evoke style awareness. Having worked in the bush, travelled on safari and camped my heart out, I realised that fashion and style forgot about safari. Or rather the people experiencing it forgot style. I wanted to create a brand that showcases safari items (from everyday wearables, to cool gadgets) that could go on your safari adventure and make you look good too. 

I know style, and I know the bush. where one came with studying it and the other through experiences I feel I have the knowledge to help you make the most of your trips. 

In the blog you'll find tips, our trips and hacks. As well as product reviews to help you shop better. 

So if you're a brand and want to be sold through SBW, or a customer looking for something specific, let's chat and make this world a prettier place. 

Tell your friends, spread the word and give feedback, because without you, this wont be possible. 


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